eye discomfort

age 87


After a recent eye surgery, Mary was struggling with her left eye. Intermittently, it would twitch and cause her discomfort. 

Mary was interested in doing a Body Code session to see if we might be able to find what might be contributing to the twitching. During the investigation, we found that she had experienced some type of physical trauma when she was a child. Suddenly, she remembered that the boys on the bus would hit the girls in the back of the head with their books. It was all in fun, but the physical trauma remained. We found and helped realign and reconnect several areas of the brain that were misaligned and disconnected. After doing so, Mary's eye stopped twitching and it never happened again. 

The body has a way of communicating symptoms to us, but it can be difficult understanding what they mean. Anything can cause anything and issues can remain for decades. Sometimes, the symptoms are ever present; but sometimes, issues lie dormant for years before becoming a problem.