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First time visits will include both a consultation and an assessment.
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Thank you for reaching out to Vixen Moon Energy Healing to schedule your first visit! I'll respond to your message within 24 hours to confirm your appointment time. 

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Depending on the degree of imbalances, subsequent sessions may be recommended. Imbalances may be cumulative, so addressing and releasing layers may be beneficial.

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During the assessment, we aim to uncover the trapped emotions and imbalances that may be contributing to emotional and physical stress and then attempt to release them.

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During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to share your wellness goals and I will explain the process for assessing your imbalances with The Body Code.



Is this your first appointment? I'm so excited to meet you! Here is what you can expect at your visit.

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Body Code Assessment

Oxygen Advantage | Body Code Assessment/Coaching: This Service includes a customized Breathing Plan.

EFT Tapping | Body Code Assessment/Coaching: This Service includes a customized Tapping Plan.

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If you prefer, please fill out the Form above or call ‭614.312.5398‬ to schedule your next visit.

I can also conduct sessions with people and pets in the comfort of your home or other facility. A Travel Fee of $25 is added to all sessions done within a 30-mile radius. Further distances may be possible. Please contact me for more details. Please note: pet sessions cannot be done at the office of Vixen Moon Energy Healing.  

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Would you like to schedule a session, but can't make it into the office? NO PROBLEM! Energy healing can take place from a distance. You can schedule a Zoom video conference to experience the same wellness benefits that would take place just as if you were in the office. Energy healing is done with intention and can be facilitated from any location around the world. Please contact me for more details. 

We can work from a distance!

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procedures and policies

After you've scheduled your appointment, you will receive a Consent form via email that must be signed. To review the contents of the Consent form, click on the Policies link in the footer. A session cannot take place without a signed Consent.

Prior to your appointment, you will receive reminders via text and email. Please confirm your appointments.

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