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I firmly believe that to improve wellbeing, you must first address the energetic imbalances of the body. Reiki is based on the scientific principle that there is an energetic flow in all living things. When we find and release trapped emotions and negative imbalances, true improvement can occur. For those who are suffering, energetic healing can be truly life changing.  


Healing is a journey, and I’m honored to be part of yours. Read on to learn my story and how I can support you on your path to wellness.

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restoring health and hope 


I witnessed energetic healing first-hand when I brought my son to BioHealthOhio. After suffering for years from multiple issues, we had given up hope that he could lead a normal life. He was barely getting through school and had little hope of going to college or having a career. His health issues would never allow him to participate in any activity with consistency.

After 10 years of searching for help, I found Dr. David Siegel at BioHealthOhio. We were trying one last time to seek help. Using energetic methods and frequency-based homeopathics, Dr. Siegel safely removed toxic substances that were causing imbalances. Additionally, he determined that my son had cognitive weaknesses. He recommended therapies that strengthened his brain and addressed other physical issues. Today, my son is functioning very well and is in college. 

After watching my son regain his health after such a long period of suffering, I came to understand the profound difference that energy healing can have. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Siegel for the extraordinary care that he provided to my son and the life-changing impact it has had on our entire family. When an opening came up for a staff position at BioHealthOhio, I applied and was hired as a Wellness Coordinator. It is by far the most rewarding position I have ever held and I feel enormously blessed to be a part of their team. 

A Life-Changing Impact

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In my continued pursuit of alternative forms of healing, I discovered Reiki. At the first session, I had the immediate conviction that I was meant to do this work. In every session I endeavor to convey the wonder of energetic science with compassion, generosity, wisdom, and love. The women I trained with are sources of love and inspiration to me and I am constantly supported by their light. 

Based on my interest in energy work, Dr. Siegel brought to my attention Dr. Bradley Nelson’s energy healing technique that is designed to release negative emotions and imbalances. Consequently, I became certified in The Emotion Code, The Body Code, and The Belief Code and have seen the tremendous impact that these modalities have had for my clients. With the body's innate intelligence and ability to heal itself, energy healing can truly guide an individual’s ability to bring about balance in body and spirit. After seeing the profound difference that energy healing had for my son, I am deeply honored to be working in this field.

Helping Others Find Wellness

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I am Monica Fox Doud, the owner of Vixen Moon Energy Healing. I am certified in The Emotion Code and The Body Code—energy healing techniques that can help identify and release trapped emotions and imbalances. I am also a certified Reiki Master in the Mikao Usui method of Reiki energy healing, a certified EFT Tapping trainer, and a certified Oxygen Advantage coach. Additionally, I have the great privilege of working with Dr. David Siegel as the Wellness Coordinator at BioHealthOhio. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in math from The College of Wooster and I have worked as a graphic designer for decades. My liberal arts education has enabled me to successfully integrate my background in math and the visual arts, along with years of research in holistic health and energy healing, to help facilitate energy healing from a spiritual, visual, and scientific point of view.


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- Bridget K.

 “The energy healing work she does has helped me to face the pain I have felt from my childhood and past generations and finally heal from them.”


- Besma A.

 “My session with Monica was very powerful and I truly believe helped me release negative energy that I’ve been harboring for decades.”


- Melinda V.

 “The session I had with Monica was truly incredible. It is truly a unique and amazing experience that everyone should try.”


- Michele L.

 “Working with Monica was a wonderful experience. Not only did I feel calm and peace after the session, I took that energy into the following days with great clarity.”