age 6


Carly is a lively dog that was adopted into a new family at the age of 4. Several months later, after being walked many miles a day by her new owner, Carly developed a significant limp. It was clear she was uncomfortable and refused to go for more walks. 

Her owner took her to three vets—one an orthopedic specialist—and none of them could find a structural reason for her issue. They all said it was a soft tissue problem that would resolve over time. After a significant amount of time had past, Carly was still limping with no noticeable improvement. 

Through the Body Code, we were able to determine that Carly had sustained some type of injury to her spinal cord around the age of 2. She had many misalignments in her spine and down through her leg. We were able to help realign the misaligned items and to release the negative energies that were imbalancing her. 

Shortly afterward, Carly's limp became much less pronounced and then finally resolved. She is now able to go on walks and get proper exercise.