age 21


Brandon came to see me for Body Code sessions to assist with reducing anxiousness and relieving issues with repetitive thinking and actions. He was diagnosed with several conditions over the years and has seen improvements from several toxic and physical impairments. Brandon is doing quite well with many facets of his life, yet several issues remain that are interfering with his life and wellbeing. 

Brandon loves the hotel industry and currently works at the front desk assisting guests in all aspects of their stay. He loves doing this, but can be overwhelmed at times and fears not being able to please both the guests and his coworkers. 

During the course of several sessions, we've been able to identify and help release several emotions and negative energies from the past that have been contributing to his state of anxiousness.

He is now able to perform his work duties with more confidence and ease. His comfort level in social situations has also improved dramatically. Brandon is a dynamic, joyful, conscientious person and it is such a pleasure to see him feel more relaxed and happy.