Rebecca is a patient of Dr. David Siegel at BioHealthOhio. After several sessions, Dr. Siegel was able to reduce Rebecca's toxic exposures. However, he recommended she see me for additional support for her emotional wellbeing. 

At the age of 5, Rebecca nearly drowned in a lake. She was rescued in time, but the trauma from that event remained. She also suffered from years of difficulty in school. A grade school teacher undermined Rebecca's confidence and her self esteem was low. 

Rebecca was attempting to qualify for the police academy. In order to do so, she needed to pass a physical endurance test and take an entrance exam. Her ability to qualify for the academy felt out of reach. She had twice failed the running portion of the test due to feelings of air hunger. She was also very skeptical about her ability to pass the written test.

Over the course of several Body Code sessions, we helped find and release trapped energies from the time of her near drowning and the teacher's impact on her self esteem. Additionally, Rebecca used Oxygen Advantage and Tapping exercises to assist her with overcoming her limiting beliefs.

Because of Rebecca's determination and the assistance with releasing toxins and negative imbalances, she passed both the running and written tests to gain entrance into the academy.