After a brief illness at 18 months, Jack stopped reaching some milestones and even regressed with a few others. He stopped speaking and external stimuli became overwhelming—requiring his preschool to make many accommodations. He was often distressed and his behavior was challenging at times. Even so, to a degree, he participated in life and his parents were able to communicate with him in nonverbal ways. Still, he was not living his best life and his inability to speak caused much frustration for himself and those around him.

I began working with Jack when he was three years old. After several Body Code sessions, we found and released several items that were imbalancing his system. We were also able to realign many things in the body, including meridians and soft tissue. Of significant importance were the disconnections. Many of the muscles and bones around his mouth were energetically disconnected with other areas of his body. After reconnecting these areas, Jack started saying words again. His vocabulary is limited, but he is making progress. He is able to communicate more easily and his frustration level has decreased.

Jack is making significant improvements. His mom reports that he is much calmer and happier. Things that would have caused him to be anxious in the past are not as much of an issue now. He is more engaged with the people in his surroundings and more able to learn new things.