For over a year, Debbie was consumed with caring for her aging mother. After a long struggle, her mother passed away and Debbie was stricken with grief. During her mourning, she started to experience severe symptoms affecting many systems. Three years later, after a long recuperation period, she was regaining some normalcy, however, she was still plagued with lingering symptoms of fatigue and vision issues. Her vision had become alarmingly worse and required surgery. Although the surgery was successful, Debbie was still struggling to read and see.

During Debbie's Body Code session, we uncovered that she had many exposures from previously living in an industrial area. We also discovered that she had many trapped emotions due to the loss of her mother. Her eyes and surrounding fascia were misaligned from grief, blaming, and guilt. The loss of her mother was very tragic and she cried through most of her session. It was such a profound release for her.

Debbie's vision improved dramatically after her session. She was able to read for extended periods of time and could watch television more easily. She was so relieved after making these improvements. She had been very fearful that her vision issues would not improve.

Debbie recently called and reported, “I am feeling the best physically, mentally and emotionally than I have in years! I am walking 4 to 5 miles a day, working in my gardens for hours and even helping cut and stack firewood. My energy level is amazing. My eye issues have calmed down so that I can read as much and as long as I want. Thank you for helping “open my eyes” and giving me new vision.”