age 23


When Caden was young, his emotional, mental, and physical state declined after a series of infections, toxic exposures, and physical challenges. For many years, Caden and his family were dealing with his intense outbursts. Caden's ability to communicate deteriorated. Even though Caden is verbal, his ability to express himself is limited. His high level of frustration and anxiousness manifests in repetitive behaviors and need to control his environment.  

Caden became a patient of Dr. David Siegel at BioHealthOhio. After a period of time, Dr. Siegel was able to reduce Caden's toxic exposures and imbalances. Caden improved substantially during this time. Caden's mother then brought him to see me for additional support for his emotional wellbeing. 

Over the course of several Body Code sessions, Caden's behavior has continued to improve. He is able to go longer periods of time without significant behaviors. While there are still times of highs and lows, he is generally more happy and his level of anxiousness has decreased. He is able to participate more in life, do activities that he enjoys, and remains more calm in social settings. His mother is thrilled to see her loving and happy son begin to reemerge.