Increase oxygen delivery to every part of your body.

Increase exercise intensity by breathing more efficiently.

Simulate high altitude training to improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

Improve energy levels, concentration, and mental focus and clarity.

Reduce anxiousness by stimulating the vagus nerve and calming the sympathetic nervous system.

Learn breathing techniques that can help:

The Oxygen Advantage is a breathing methodology developed by Patrick McKeown. A colleague introduced me to the Oxygen Advantage and I immediately recognized the impact it could have, not only for my own personal wellbeing, but also for the wellbeing of my clients. Many of the people I see on a daily basis are chronically ill, emotionally drained, breathing incorrectly and are in a constant state of stress. The Oxygen Advantage synergistically fits into the other modalities I utilize for client care. 

HOW CAN THE oxygen advantage HELP you?


For more information about The Oxygen Advantage

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Help enhance performance goals with a customized Breathing Plan designed to simulate high-altitude training to help maintain controlled breathing, delay fatigue, and recover faster.

athletic performance


Low and slow breathing helps activate the vagus nerve and helps calm the sympathetic nervous system. This assists with quieting an anxious mind and can bring about a sense of peace and harmony.

quiet an anxious mind


It’s possible to achieve optimal wellness with the three pillars of functional breathing: breathe light, breathe slow, and breathe deep to help improve sleep pattern disorders and other breathing-related issues. 

optimal Wellness






Listen to Episode 51 of The Art of the Move Podcast. Guest Bryan Mirabella does a phenomenal job of explaining the biological mechanics of the Oxygen Advantage technique and how our emotional status plays an integral role in the body's ability to breathe. Addressing imbalances with The Body Code can help improve  breathing ability and wellness.

shining a light on chronic breathing issues

Breathing issues from injury, toxic exposure, trauma, or limiting beliefs can be caused by emotional or physical imbalances. A customized Breathing Plan can target specific challenges to help improve health and performance.

"Monica's level of caring for others is demonstrated on a daily basis."

- David S.

"Monica is a very compassionate woman with a true gift for healing!"

- Rebecca E.

"Monica’s work was truly extraordinary. She is highly recommended."

- Colleen D.

Your Breathing Plan can be followed independently or you can schedule more practitioner-facilitated coaching sessions. Depending on the degree of imbalances, subsequent Body Code sessions may be recommended. 

more coaching


During the session, we will use The Body Code to help uncover imbalances that could be contributing to your breathing issues or hindering your performance goals. We will develop a Breathing Plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

first session


During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to share your breathing goals and I will explain the process for assessing your breathing issues with both The Body Code and The Oxygen Advantage.



Whether your breathing challenges are physical or fueled by limiting beliefs, improvements can be realized by targeting your specific imbalances. By training with customized exercises, correcting physical issues, and releasing trapped emotions or limiting beliefs, you can achieve your health and performance goals!

your customized breathing plan