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it's time to feel

a body code session MIGHT be right for you

Are you struggling under the weight of something you can’t quite define? Are you stuck in a persistent negative state or unable to heal?

Are emotions from the past holding you back?


The Body Code is an energy healing technique that can help identify and release negative imbalances and trapped emotions. 

The body code


Master these breathing techniques to increase your physical performance and improve your health. 

the oxygen advantage


Tapping is a powerful stress relief technique combining principles of acupressure and psychology. 

eft tapping


- Joan G.

 “Monica is an exceptional spiritual practitioner. She has the utmost respect and the highest intentions for her clients.”


- Heather M.

 “I felt very at ease and relaxed working with Monica. She is very professional and caring.”


- Karen S.

"Monica is an amazingly gifted practitioner who possesses intuition, compassion, empathy, strength, and a calming presence."


- Maire S.

 “Monica makes you feel loved, seen, heard, understood, and respected. Our time together was life changing.”



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10 Powerful and Overlooked Ways You Can Get Relief From Your Discomfort