Do you have physical discomfort from a past emotional event or for no discernible reason?

Are you experiencing emotional challenges from a past event or for no reason you can identify?

Do you have a sense that your beliefs are defining your life and holding you back?

Do you have the sense that you've felt this way your entire life or that you might have ancestral issues?

Do you feel disconnected from others and limited in your ability to achieve success?

are you holding on to negative energy?

The Body Code is an energy healing technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson that can help identify and release trapped emotions and negative imbalances. Since we believe emotions and imbalances are made of energy, they may exert an influence on physical tissues, potentially leading to acute discomfort. They can even block people from love and happiness, can make them feel disconnected from others, and can limit their ability to achieve success.

Think of these imbalances like a log jam in the river. Removing key logs can release the jam and allow the remainder to flow freely. Similarly, we believe that removing key energetic blocks and imbalances can allow the remainder to release more freely. The Body Code seamlessly incorporates all three modalities The Emotion Code, The Body Code, and The Belief Code to address the foundational components of your imbalances. 

how can the body code help you?


For more information about The Body Code

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It’s possible to identify and release heavy metals, environmental pollutants, free radicals, chemicals, electromagnetic frequency radiation and other toxins that may be causing physical distress.

Toxin Resolution


It’s possible to achieve physical harmony by identifying and resetting imbalances and disconnections in organs, glands, muscles, bones, body systems, energy pathways, and more.

Body System Balance


It’s possible to achieve energetic balance when you reset subconscious programming, release trapped emotions, improve communication, and so much more.

Emotional Wellness


of The Body Code




It’s possible to find herbs, nutrients, exercise and lifestyle habits for improved wellbeing and physical function.

Nutrition & Lifestyle


It’s possible to support, reset, and realign the proper function of bones, nerves, systems, connective tissues, and more.

Structural Balance


It’s possible to identify and resolve fungal, bacterial, viral, mold, or parasitic invaders that may create stress on physical tissue.

Pathogen Resolution


The Body Code can help your pets, too! 

Animals can have trapped emotions and negative imbalances from traumatic events in their lives. By using The Body Code, issues can be resolved that might be causing distress or anxiousness. Since talking is not necessary for The Body Code technique, assessments for animals can be very impactful. By muscle testing with a pendulum, I can help identify and release trapped emotions and imbalances.

"I felt much lighter and such a release after each of my sessions were over."

- Luann H.

"The session had an almost immediate calming effect on my dog."

- Becky E.

"Monica Doud is a highly gifted, compassionate, and talented practitioner."

- Linda G.

Depending on the degree of imbalances, subsequent sessions may be recommended. Imbalances may be cumulative, so addressing and releasing layers may be beneficial.

more assessments


During the assessment, we aim to uncover the trapped emotions and imbalances that may be contributing to emotional and physical stress and then attempt to release them.

first assessment


During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to share your wellness goals and I will explain the process for assessing your imbalances with The Body Code.



Reiki is a type of energy healing that aims to incorporate an intention with an expression of love, gratitude, and guidance. This is coupled with my intention to empower your innate intelligence to manifest your natural ability to improve your own wellness. At Vixen Moon Energy Healing, all sessions incorporate this energetic philosophy as a foundational basis for investigation and the improvement of overall wellness. 

life-changing energy healing

With intention, imbalances can be addressed and released with a magnet that is swiped down the governing meridian which flows along the spine. To learn more about how magnets can be used for healing, visit Discover Healing, the creators of The Emotion Code and The Body Code. For more information, CLICK HERE.

how are imbalances cleared?

An excellent article about muscle testing can be found at Discover Healing, the creators of The Emotion Code and The Body Code. For more information, CLICK HERE.


By using muscle testing, we can ask the subconscious mind questions and receive answers about what the body needs to heal. 


Muscle testing using the arm method can be tiring for both the practitioner and client. As a tool of physics, a pendulum can respond to energy very quickly. Because the pendulum response is so productive, we can ask many questions during the course of a session.

Why is a pendulum used instead of muscle testing?

The first appointment consists of a 1-hour consultation and a 1-hour assessment, for a total of two hours.

How long is the first appointment?

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