Welcome to Vixen Moon Energy Healing!
Friday: 10:00, 11:30, 1:00, 2:30, 4:00 (These times can vary slightly on a weekly basis.)
Other appointment times may be available on request.
PLEASE NOTE: Clients new to the Body Code and Oxygen Advantage must first schedule a 1-hour New Client Consultation. The Consultation must be scheduled on the same day as the Assessment. Book the Consultation first, then book the Assessment to immediately follow. The appointments must be scheduled separately. If you prefer, please feel free to contact me through the form or call 216.262.3275 to schedule your first visit.
I am able to do sessions with people in my studio. If preferred, I can do sessions with people and pets in the comfort of your home. A Travel Fee of $25 is added to all sessions done in the home within a 30-mile radius. Further distances may be possible when prearranged. I can also utilize Zoom to do virtual sessions with people who are not local to the Columbus area or cannot easily come to the studio. 
You will need to provide a credit card to hold your appointment time. Your card will be charged at the completion of your appointment. You will have the option to pay with a different credit card, cash or check.
A Contract will be emailed to you when you schedule your first appointment. To confirm your appointment, the Consent Form in the Contract must be signed. The Consents are listed below.
To schedule online, click here to book through the Square Appointment Scheduling website.
After scheduling an Appointment through Square, you will be emailed the following information. To confirm your appointment, you will need to sign the Consent Form in the Contract as listed below. Please feel free to contact me through the form if you have any questions.
The Body Code is an energy healing technique that can help identify imbalances and release trapped emotions. By releasing negative energies, we can help make conditions right for the body to recover—so physical and emotional difficulties often become much more manageable.
The Business promises that it holds all licenses necessary to perform the work, that such licenses are valid and effective as of the date any work is performed or services provided, and that all work performed or services provided will be done in compliance with all applicable federal, state, or local laws and regulations.
I understand that services do not take the place of medical, pharmacological or psychological treatment, nor do Body Code practitioners diagnose conditions or any kind. It is recommended that I see a licensed medical doctor or mental health care professional for appropriate treatment if necessary. I understand that services can complement such care. I understand that multiple sessions of services may be required to bring about an optimal state of wellbeing and balance.
I understand that my participation in a session is strictly voluntary. I can end or adjust my session at any time due to discomfort. I understand that the practitioner is sensitive to my wellbeing and privacy and will work to address any concerns that I might have regarding therapy.
I also understand that any information communicated to me during my therapy is to be used at my own discretion. I also understand that all matters discussed are confidential and will not be shared with anyone without my prior consent.

I understand that a magnet may be used as part of my in-person energy healing session. Magnets are quite safe except under the following situations: pregnancy, implanted pumps for insulin or pain relief, cochlear implants, pacemakers, shunts for the treatment of hydrocephalus (some of which are adjusted by magnets), and Magec rods for children to correct severe scoliosis (which are also adjusted by magnets.)
I also understand that my credit card on file will be charged $25 for failing to show up at an appointment without notice.
I understand that I will be contacted via email and/or text to confirm appointment times and relay other messages. Further, I understand that I may also receive occasional emails about marketing promotions or educational material regarding services. Participation in email communications is strictly voluntary and can be ended at any time.
I understand that by agreeing to this informed consent I am assuming full responsibility for my session and I hold harmless the practitioner, facility/location and co-located businesses where the session is provided.
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