Are emotions from the past holding you back? Are you struggling under the weight of something you can’t quite define? Do you feel your present is being held hostage by your past? Are you suffering from discomfort that hasn't improved?
The Body Code is an energy healing technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson that can help identify and release negative imbalances and trapped emotions. Since imbalances and trapped emotions are made of energy, they may exert an influence on physical tissues, potentially leading to acute discomfort. They can even block people from love and happiness, make them feel disconnected from others and limit their ability to achieve success. The wisdom of the body is held in the subconscious mind, where the record of every experience, thought, feeling or memory you’ve ever had is stored. It’s also keenly aware of exactly what your body needs to get well. By releasing imbalances and trapped emotions, we can help make conditions right for the body to improve—so physical and emotional difficulties often become much more manageable. The Body Code incorporates Dr. Nelson's other popular healing modality The Emotion Code. 
The Body Code can be used to help pets, too! Animals can have negative imbalances and trapped emotions from traumatic events in their lives. By using The Body Code, issues can be resolved that might be causing distress or anxiousness. 
I am able to do sessions with people in my studio. If preferred, I can do sessions with people and pets in the comfort of your home. A Travel Fee of $25 is added to all sessions done in the home within a 30-mile radius. Further distances may be possible when prearranged. I can also utilize Zoom to do virtual sessions with people who are not local to the Columbus area or cannot easily come to the studio. 
PLEASE NOTE: Clients new to the Body Code must first schedule a 1-hour New Client Consultation. The Consultation must be scheduled on the same day as the Assessment. Book the Consultation first, then book the Assessment to immediately follow. The appointments must be scheduled separately. If you prefer, please feel free to contact me through the form or call 216.262.3275 to schedule your first visit.
To schedule online, click here to book through the Square Appointment Scheduling website. 
1-HOUR CONSULTATION: $95   |    HOURS: Thursdays: 4:00-6:00, Fridays: 10:00-5:00
1-HOUR ASSESSMENT: $125   |    HOURS: Thursdays: 4:00-6:00, Fridays: 10:00-5:00

Reiki is an energy healing technique that helps guide an individual’s ability to bring about balance in body and spirit. Reiki is based on the scientific principle that there is an energetic flow in all living things. Energy can become blocked or resonate at a lower than desired level. This can cause distress and an overall lack of wellbeing. Reiki healing can restore the level and flow of energy to improve spiritual and emotional wellbeing to bring about a state of wellness.
The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words—Rei which means “The Higher Power” and Ki which means “Life Force Energy.” The Biofield is the assemblage of the body's energy systems, including all energy coming into, leaving, stored by, circulating through and interpreted by the chakras—the energy centers in the body. Each major section of your body holds channels for your energy to flow. At the intersections, the channels meet at the chakras. When these are flowing and open, you will have good physical and mental health. When they are closed or unbalanced, you may experience emotional or physical imbalances. By opening up these closures and improving imbalances, energy healing may bring about a sense of harmony, relaxation and peace, which improves overall wellbeing.
Reiki healing incorporates an Intention and an expression of Gratitude. The client makes a positive, present tense statement which connects him or her emotionally to the outcome. For example, “I live my dreams.” This is coupled with the practitioner's intention to empower a client's innate intelligence and reinforces its natural ability to heal itself.
By improving the energetic flow, we may better see patterns and synchronicities that might have gone unnoticed. One of the potential byproducts of energy healing is an increased awareness of all things—especially one's own thoughts.
One of the most important principles in Reiki is that you are doing it WITH someone, not TO someone. The client is doing their own energy healing. You are merely facilitating the energy healing process and participating only. During healing, a Reiki practitioner projects love and light for the highest and greatest good of all concerned.
As a Reiki Master, all Body Code sessions incorporate this energetic philosophy as a foundational basis for investigation and healing intention. A separate service of Reiki is not offered at Vixen Moon Energy Healing.
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